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Private Room


Dedicated room for your equipment, in standard sizes, guarantee privacy and security.
Choose your private room capacity and grow rack by rack.


  • Any equipment will fit
  • Biometric locks on room and racks
  • All your racks in one environment
  • Your own company branding
  • Own patching between your racks
  • Much floorspace low price


  • Private room capacity: from 5 racks up to +100 racks
  • Power reservation of 16A (A+B) per rack included
  • Raised floor with power distribution
  • Dedicated inter rack cable tray
  • Hot aisle containment, with vertical hot air extraction
  • 2 patches to MMR per room included
  • Any type of rack/power possible
  • Full camera coverage
  • Dedicated fire detection and suppression
  • Access control by biometric verification on 3 levels.
  • 24/7 access to the datacenter, without prior notice.